Canada downplays deal to share embassies with Britain

London/Ottawa (dpa) – Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird sought to downplay a deal with Britain to share diplomatic missions abroad amid a chorus of criticism of the plan from opposition parties and former diplomats. Speaking at a joint press conference with British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Baird called the deal with Britain an “administrative” agreement. The agreement is expected to involve countries where Britain has diplomatic missions and Canada does not or vice versa.

Police raid offices of Canadian firm tied to Gaddafi

Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigators Friday executed search warrants at the headquarters of multinational engineering giant SNC-Lavalin in Montreal, which has been under scrutiny for its ties to the deposed Libyan regime of Moamer Gaddafi.

Re-elected Canadian Premier Harper turns quickly to economy

Montreal – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, buoyed by gains in Tuesday’s parliamentary elections, promptly announced an ambitious plan to tackle the financial crisis that has ravaged the neighbouring United States and now threatens Canada. Harper, among the first world leaders to face voters since the ongoing economic panic started last month, said Wednesday that he intends to make the financial crisis a priority this week during talks with European Union leaders. Speaking to reporters at a press conference in Canada’s oil capital, Calgary, Harper…

Canadians return minority Conservative government to power

Montreal – Prime Minister Stephen Harper came within a stone’s throw of a majority government Tuesday as Canadians re-elected a minority Conservative government. Early returns showed Conservatives elected or leading in 143 ridings, which would be a gain of 16 seats. The opposition Liberals were elected or leading in 75 ridings. The separatist Bloc Quebecois, which runs candidates only in the French-speaking province of Quebec, was leading in 49 ridings, and the socialist New Democratic Party was leading in 38 ridings. The Green Party, which…

Canada could again elect minority Conservative government

Montreal – Canadians are expected to elect another minority Conservative government as they head to national polls on Tuesday, the latest opinion polls show, reported dpa. “We’re not talking about a majority,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper, leader of the Conservative Party, conceded during a last ditch campaign effort Saturday in southern Ontario. “There’s a million polls. Don’t be fooled by any of them. This is a close election,” Harper said at a rally in London, Ontario. The Conservatives had come within reach of a majority…

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